A toll free numbers delhi can be an improvement tool for new businesses. These numbers can be used to get valuable feedbacks from your customers directly or by serving as an enquiry desk where customers can ask questions or register complaints regarding your business or your company. The toll free numbers provided by SeoAge Technology can also be used for the generation of new leads as well as to serve customers more efficiently. Our Toll Free Service Providers in Delhi are designed for improved service in the business sector.

We provide Indian toll free numbers that are easy to memorize and come at a very reasonable charge. We believe that having a toll free number reflects as a sign of a customer focussed organisation. Our services assure greater dependability for you in your target market as you are viewed as a business that thrives to offer better service by engaging the customers beyond the sales and dealing process. Our services come in various packages that let you receive unlimited calls. We have options of short codes and long codes too that are used in mobile SMS campaigns and are accessible globally.

You can contact us to discuss the pros and cons of different categories of toll free numbers. After understanding your requirements and the nature of your business, we would also be able to suggest you the right kind of service that you should choose and the package that would be appropriate for you. Some of the additional features of the toll free services provided by SeoAge Technology include pre IVR announcements, call recording, SMS alerts and welcome messages, real time call tracking and several others. You can take up the plan most suitable for you and also choose to pay a quarterly ot annual payment system that can be mutually agreed upon.

Unicode SMS

Tollfree Based IVR System

With our IVR system, you will never miss a business lead. We ensure to deliver better services at affordable cost.

International SMS

Number Choices

Sarv provides you flexibility to choose your regular & vanity tollfree number. We offer auto & manual number choosing options.

Unicode SMS

Multi Agent Access

This feature allows your employees or executives to access their call logs when you are not available, so it divides responsibility.

International SMS

Vanity Number

Vanity numbers are more easy to remember. You can choose eye-catching vanity numbers with Sarv.

Unicode SMS

SMS Integration

Sarv provides SMS integration feature with toll free service. All text messages sent to your number are stored in one place.

International SMS

Live Billing

Sarv provides live billing for your toll free services. You can check your billing details from your account as per the usage.