Web Designing Packages

Starter Basic  Business Gold
   Template Designing Y Y Y Y
   Template Layout Choice 1 1 2 2
Website Content and Images to be Provided by Client
   HomePage Y Y Y Y
   Uses Favicon Y Y Y Y
   Using Hyphens in page filenames Y Y Y Y
   About Us Page N Y Y Y
   Contact US Page Y Y Y Y
   Products/Service Displayed 1 10 10 20
   Online Query Form N N N Y
   Special Offer Page N N Y Y
   Site Map Y Y Y Y
   News Section Y Y Y Y
   Testimonial Y Y Y Y
   Total Pages 5 (HomePage + 4) 10 (HomePage + ProductCatalouge + 9) 15 (HomePage + ProductCatalouge + 14) 20 (HomePage + ProductCatalouge+19)
Cost  (USD) $300 $400 $500 $600
* Delivery Time counted after approving the template layout

* Scrolling of page if exceded more then 1002X875 then count as second page

* This cost does not include domain registration and hosting cost